Make a withdrawal

Super is designed to provide income in retirement. When you’re ready to retire there are different ways to access your super, however, there may be times where you need to access your super early (before your preservation age). Below are some examples of when you may need to access your super, each of which has certain criteria set by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) that you'll need to meet.

Retirement | You’re approaching or have reached retirement

You’ve turned 65

  • As you’ve reached 65 years of age, you’re eligible to access your super. You can do this by making a withdrawal or by setting up an account-based pension. Read the Pension PDS for more information on how to open your pension account.

You’ve reached preservation age and ready to retire

  • You’ve reached preservation age and don’t intend to be gainfully employed for more than 10 hours per week.

You’ve stopped working with an employer after you turned 60

You’re still working and want to transition to retirement

  • As you’ve reached preservation age, you’re eligible to access part of your super and still able to work. You can do this by setting up and pre-retirement pension. Read the Pension PDS for more information on how to open your pension account.

Financial | You’re experiencing financial hardship or have ceased work

You're under severe financial hardship*

  • You can apply to access your super if you’re unable to pay for your living expenses. You must meet the eligibility criteria to apply for a financial hardship release. This application requires a different form to our standard withdrawal. If you’d like to know more or receive a copy of the form, contact us. Our team is here to help with any of your concerns.

You’re a temporary resident and leave Australia

  • If you’ve earned super while working in Australia on a temporary visa you can have it paid out after you leave.

You have less than $200 in your super and leave your employer

  •  You can withdraw your balance if you have less than $200 in preserved benefits and you’ve left your employer.

*Conditions apply

Medical | You’ve got a medical condition* that won’t allow you to work

You require a compassionate grounds release

  • Access your super to cover medical, funeral or other personal expenses. To apply for a compassionate grounds release, you’ll need to apply online through the ATO who’ll assess your eligibility. Once the ATO has approved your request, it’ll be validated by our team and you’ll be paid your requested amount.

You’re unable to work due to temporary or permanent incapacity (Trustee approved)

You have a terminal medical condition (Trustee approved)

  • Access your super if you’ve got a terminal medical condition that stops you from working. This application is through the Trustee and not through an insurance claim.

*Conditions apply

How do I make a withdrawal?

To make a withdrawal from your super account, you’ll need to complete and return the Withdraw your super form. For assistance in completing this form or understanding eligibility requirements, please get in touch on 13 64 63.


Download the Withdraw your super form.

Fill in

Complete all your details.

Certify your ID

You’ll need to include a certified copy of your ID with your withdrawal application before we can release any money from your account. If you’ve already supplied this, you can send your application without ID. However, if your details have changed, you’ll need to supply a new certified copy of your ID.


Return your completed form via email to or post to Locked Bag 2020 Newcastle NSW 2300. We’ll process your request once your application has been received and your information validated.

Things to consider

Accessing your super may impact any insurance on your account. To find out more, call us on 13 64 63 or email

If your needs are more complex, we can put you in touch with a financial adviser from Mine Super Financial Advice.