Support for Vulnerable Customers

Here at Mine Super we recognise that many people will experience vulnerability, in some form and in some period, during their lifetime. We acknowledge that:

  • the impacts of vulnerability can be experienced differently by different people;
  • when this arises, people’s needs may change or be exacerbated;
  • vulnerable customers are entitled to respect, courtesy and fairness;
  • we must listen to our customers stories and try to ‘walk in their shoes’ in order to understand their circumstances and needs;
  • our customers who have unique needs or experience vulnerability may require additional support when interacting with us;
  • talking about personal vulnerabilities takes courage and strength. Some peoples’ vulnerabilities can make communication difficult, as well as the person feeling shame and embarrassment;
  • the impact of vulnerability is strong. People can often be trying to cope with limited time, energy, and resources in a high stress environment. Their thinking may also be impacted as their priorities are elsewhere;
  • we cannot solve all vulnerable customers’ problems. However, we have an important role to play in supporting customers experiencing vulnerability. This may include referring the customer to an external service provider with specialist training or experience to appropriately engage with and support the customer;
  • we can help make a positive difference to vulnerable customers by:
    • being sensitive, showing compassion and being empathetic;
    • looking out for red flags and noticing when something doesn’t seem right;
    • being understanding and taking action to provide support;
    • guiding vulnerable customers towards other sources of support where possible.

Guidance for Vulnerable Customers 

We have developed our Guidance for Vulnerable Customers to help our customers experiencing these types of circumstances. We encourage you to discuss your particular circumstances with us so that we can identify the most appropriate support to provide to you.

Rights and responsibilities 

So that we can provide you support effectively and efficiently we have set out the rights and responsibilities of Mine Super and you in our Rights and Responsibilities summary document. These explain that Mine Super and you have the right to be treated and the duty to treat each other with courtesy and respect, professionalism and fairness when dealing with Mine Super.

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