MySuper Product Dashboard

The Product Dashboard sets out important information about our MySuper Lifecycle Investment Strategy, which forms part of our MySuper product offer. Use this dashboard to help compare our MySuper product with other MySuper products.

If you don’t choose which investment option/s to invest your super in, it will be automatically invested in our MySuper Lifecycle Investment Strategy. The strategy works by investing your super in a mix of the High Growth and Conservative Balanced investment options based on your age.

The Product Dashboard has been separated by age. To access the information most relevant to you, click on the age that’s applicable to you below.

Important information about our Lifecycle Investment Strategy

On 25 March 2021, we made changes to our Lifecycle Investment Strategy to increase investment exposure to growth assets for longer, reduce the risks associated with switching from one investment option to another in large steps and, most importantly, improve retirement outcomes for members. We did this by investing members’ super in a mix of the High Growth (previously named Aggressive) and Conservative Balanced (previously named Balanced) investment options based on their age.

How does the new Lifecycle Investment Strategy work?

Overall, members will benefit from longer overall exposure to growth assets likes shares and property with 100% investment in the High Growth option up to age 50. Then, when they turn 51, their super will start to de-risk to more ‘defensive assets’ with a mix of two investment options – High Growth and Conservative Balanced. From age 51 to age 64, the percentage mix of their investment in these two options will change each year in line with their birthday, meaning as they get older, their investment in Conservative Balanced will grow, while their investment in High Growth will reduce.

What does the Product Dashboard show?

The performance history shown in the Product Dashboard for those aged between 51 to 64 is theoretical in nature because it reflects the new and improved structure of the Lifecycle Investment Strategy. Prior to the 25 March 2021, the Lifecycle Investment Strategy wasn’t structured this way and this ‘lifestage’ wasn’t available. The performance history is derived by using the returns for the respective pre-mixed High Growth and Conservative Balanced investment options. Before 25 March 2021, the Lifecycle Investment Strategy invested a member’s super in one of four pre-mixed investment options; High Growth, Growth, Conservative Balanced and Stable, with their balance being moved to a new investment option at ages 45, 55 and 65. Refer to this notice to understand how the previous Lifecycle Investment Strategy was structured. While the Growth and Stable investment options still exist, they no longer form part of the Lifecycle Investment Strategy.

Is actual performance information available?

Yes. To view the actual performance of the Lifecycle Investment Strategy, please visit our investment performance information and select weekly performance information.

Refer to this document to understand the performance of the pre-mixed investment options before the Lifecycle Investment Strategy changes came into effect.

We’re here to help

Check out this factsheet for more information about the Lifecycle Investment Strategy. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment with Mine Super Financial Advice, please, call us on 13 64 63, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm or email