Fees and taxes


We’ll deduct some money from your account to cover the cost of looking after and investing your money.

Because we’re a profits-to-member fund, our fees are set to cover our costs only. We don’t pay dividends to shareholders which means we return more to you through lower fees and charges.

Type of fee


How and when paid

Investment fee1

Account-based pension
Aggressive 0.37%, Growth 0.37%, Balanced 0.31%, Stable 0.26%, Capital Guarded 0.26%, Australian Shares 0.15%, International Shares 0.11%, Property 0.08%, Bonds 0.19%, Cash 0.08%, Term Deposit 0.00%

Pre-retirement pension
Aggressive 0.40%, Growth 0.38%, Balanced 0.32%, Stable 0.27%, Australian Shares 0.16%, International Shares 0.11%, Property 0.08%, Bonds 0.19%, Cash 0.08%

We generally calculate and deduct this fee daily when unit prices are determined
Administration fee1$15 per month
Deducted proportionally from your account monthly.
Buy-sell spreadNil 
Switching feeNil 
Advice feesWe offer a complimentary appointment with a financial adviser for all members and personal advice fees are up to a maximum of $2,750.You can choose to have the portion of the advice that is super related deducted from your super account and be invoiced the remaining amount, or you can choose to have the full amount invoiced.
Other fees and costs2Nil 
Indirect cost ratio1

Account-based pension
Aggressive 0.23%, Growth 0.27%, Balanced 0.35%, Stable 0.34%, Capital Guarded 0.34%, Australian Shares 0.00%, International Shares 0.00%, Property 0.14%, Bonds 0.09%, Cash 0.06%, Term Deposit 0.00%

Pre-retirement pension
Aggressive 0.21%, Growth 0.29%, Balanced 0.37%, Stable 0.34%, Australian Shares 0.00%, International Shares 0.00%, Property 0.16%, Bonds 0.10%, Cash 0.06%

This is an estimate of the annual indirect cost ratio for each investment option. The actual costs are deducted from the return paid to the Fund when each unit price is determined.

1If your account balance for a product offered by the superannuation entity is less than $6,000 at the end of the entity’s income year, the total combined amount of administration fees, investment fees and indirect costs charged to you is capped at 3% of the account balance. Any amount charged in excess of that cap must be refunded.

2We may apply other fees and costs which relate to family law splits, answering subpoenas, advice fees for personal advice and term deposit early withdrawal fees. See the ‘Additional explanation of fees and costs’ in the Pension PDS for further details.

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The information is not a substitute for financial advice. It doesn't take into account your objectives, financial situation or specific needs. You should consider seeking advice before acting on any of this information. If you have a choice about whether to join this Fund you should first consider our Product Disclosure Statement, which you can download from this website or call 13 64 63 to request a copy. If you need personal financial advice Mine Super Financial Advice can help. As salaried employees, Mine Super Financial Advice fully qualified advisers can look at your financial position and put in place strategies specifically tailored to your circumstances and needs. Call 13 64 63 to speak to an adviser or arrange a face to face meeting at one of the many regional centres of Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and Tasmania.