Grow my spouse's super

Boost your spouse’s super and get a tax offset

If your spouse earns $37,000 or less or isn’t currently working, you can both benefit if you add money to their account. They’ll be rewarded with a boost to their super and you’ll be able to get a tax offset of up to $540

Here’s how it works

You make a contribution to your spouse’s super account from your after-tax income. You can then claim an 18% tax offset on contributions up to $3,000. Your spouse gets a boost to their super and you could get cash back in your pocket at tax time.

To be eligible for a full offset your spouse must earn $37,000 or less in the financial year you contribute money on their behalf and you must add $3,000 or more. For a partial offset, your spouse must earn less than $40,000 in the financial year you contribute money on their behalf. Contributions can be made as a one-off transfer, or a recurring payment.

Add money to your spouse’s Mine Super account by BPAY ®

Log in to your bank account to set up a BPAY® payment. You can do this as a one off or a regular direct debit.

Biller code: 333 567
Reference: Your spouse's account number (which your spouse can find under their name at the top of their online account dashboard, or by calling us).

Claim your tax offset

To claim your tax offset, you need to complete the ‘Spouse details’ question, and the ‘Superannuation contributions on behalf of your spouse section’ question on your tax return.

Case study | Making a spouse contribution

Robert and Judy are spouses. Judy earns $19,000 in 2020-21 and Robert makes a $3,500 contribution to Judy's super fund. Robert and Judy meet the eligibility requirements. This means Robert can claim a tax offset in his 2020-21 tax return for the contributions he paid into Judy's fund. Robert is entitled to a tax offset of $540, being 18% of $3,000.

Things to consider 

  • You can make after-tax contributions up to your spouse’s super contributions cap, but you’ll only benefit from the tax offset on contributions of up to $3,000.
  • Ensure you calculate how much you can comfortably contribute. Once your contribution has been made, you won’t be able to access it until you retire.
  • If your spouse is over 67, you can only add money to their super if they meet the work test or the exemption applies. You can’t add money to your spouse’s super once they turn 75.
  • Remember, your contribution needs to be in your account by Wednesday, 30 June 2021 for it to be counted this financial year. As some banks and payment methods can take a few days, it’s best to not leave it to the last minute.

We're here to help

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