Bring my super together

If you've changed your name, address or job, you might have more than one super account. 

If you have multiple super accounts you could be paying fees and insurance premiums for each one. It can really add up.  Bringing your super together into one account could make your super easier to manage and might leave you with a bigger balance in retirement.

It only takes a few simple steps.

Use our online tool

Visit our tool, enter your member number, surname, date of birth and postcode. For security reasons, we’ll send a PIN to your registered mobile number. You’ll need to enter this online to verify your request.

Search for your super

We’ll search the ATO for any accounts or ATO-held super and show you what we find.

Bring your super together

If we find other super, you can choose whether you’d like it to be deposited into your Mine Super account.

We'll do the rest for you

Once you’ve let us know which accounts you’d like to bring together, we’ll process your request within 5 business days.


Before bringing your super together you should consider

  • differences in insurance between your old and new funds (including unique insurance offerings under your old funds)
  • if the insurance cover through your Mine Super account is appropriate for your situation
  • if you’ll be charged any administration, exit or withdrawal fees.

If you have any questions you can give us a call on 13 64 63. If your needs are more complex, we can put you in touch with a financial adviser from Mine Super Financial Advice.