Request a refund or reclassification

Employers can request a refund or adjustment if the wrong amount has been paid, incorrectly allocated, paid to the wrong employee or paid to Mine Super in error.

Please note: If you need to request a refund of an employee’s superannuation contribution, we’re unable to process partial refunds. We’ll need to refund the entire contribution file for the related pay period. If you need to pay a different amount to this employee, you’ll need to make a new payment. You may need to make another payment to ensure your super obligations are met. If your employee’s account has been closed, we won’t be able to action your refund request.


Fill in

Complete all relevant fields depending on if you require a refund or adjustment of an employee's contribution. 

If a refund is required, you'll need to provide a reason for the refund (for example, the payment was made in error) and include your employee's consent to the refund on their account. Complete sections 1-5 and 7.

If an adjustment is required, you'll need to provide the original contribution amount including how it was comprised (superannuation guarantee / salary sacrifice / member voluntary) and the adjustment of the contribution including how it should be comprised. Complete sections 1-4, 6 and 7.


Send us your completed form by:


We’ll action your refund or adjustment and notify you via email when we’ve completed your request.