Daily unit pricing

Each business day we calculate the value of your account using a daily unit price. This daily unit price reflects the value of the assets your investment option is invested in.

The value of your account depends on the number of units allocated to you and the unit price of the investment options you’re invested in. The unit price can move up and down in line with the changes in the value of the assets.

We recommend you read our explanation of how your account balance is calculated and the latest declared unit price in our fact sheet.


Latest declared unit price

This is the unit price used to calculate your account balance today. Unit prices are calculated and updated daily for each business day, excluding non pricing days. In this case the unit price is calculated the following business day.


Past week's unit prices


For further information on past unit prices please call us.

Past performance isn't necessarily an indication of future performance.

Non pricing days

Unit prices will not be calculated on weekends and on the following days:


  • Wednesday, 1 January
  • Monday, 27 January
  • Friday, 10 April
  • Monday, 13 April
  • Monday, 8 June
  • Monday, 5 October
  • Friday, 25 December
  • Monday, 28 December


  • Friday, 1 January
  • Tuesday, 26 January
  • Friday, 2 April
  • Monday, 5 April
  • Monday, 14 June
  • Monday, 4 October
  • Monday, 27 December
  • Tuesday, 28 December