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Media release | Date Posted: 18 December 2023
Mine Super and TWUSUPER launch Team Super: The super fund for Transport, Energy and Mining workers
Mine Super and TWUSUPER are pleased to announce that in 2024 the two funds will merge together under the new name Team Super.
Media release | Date Posted: 28 September 2023
Mine Super and TWUSUPER achieve merger milestone with Successor Fund Transfer Deed signing
Mine Super and TWUSUPER, two industry super funds, today announced the signing of the Successor Fund Transfer (SFT) Deed, a major milestone in their merger discussions.
News | Date Posted: 8 September 2023
Message from our CIO | Year in review
The Fund experienced strong investment performance over FY2022-23 and achieved superior, industry leading returns in many of our investment options.
News | Date Posted: 30 May 2023
Federal Budget – what it means for your super and retirement
Learn more about key announcements from the May 2023 Federal Budget, including some super related measures.
Media release | Date Posted: 21 April 2023
Mine Super and TWUSUPER execute Heads of Agreement
Mine Super and TWUSUPER have executed a Heads of Agreement (HoA).
Media release | Date Posted: 20 December 2022
SS&C signs agreement with Mine Super to deliver administration services to members
Mine Super outsources administration to SS&C.
Media release | Date Posted: 16 December 2022
Mine Super and TWUSUPER enter Memorandum of Understanding
Mine Super and TWUSUPER have entered into a preliminary non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to explore a merger of the two funds.
News | Date Posted: 8 December 2022
Federal Budget - what it means for your super
On 25 October 2022, the Government announced an updated 2022-23 budget. Read on to find out more.
News | Date Posted: 31 August 2022
The importance of staying the course when it comes to super
Although investment markets have faced a stormy year, long-term super returns remain strong.
News | Date Posted: 10 June 2022
How investment markets impact your super returns
Investment markets have faced a stormy year so far. This means most super funds will deliver much lower returns than the remarkably high returns we saw last financial year.
News | Date Posted: 26 May 2022
Changes to super from 1 July 2022
On 1 July 2022, there’ll be some changes to super, which mostly relate to contribution rules. Read on to find out more.
News | Date Posted: 4 April 2022
2022-23 Federal Budget update
This year’s budget centred around easing the cost of living for Australians, with no major changes relating to superannuation.
News | Date Posted: 1 December 2021
Mine Super appoints Vasyl Nair to permanent Group CEO role
Today, Mine Super, the $13b industry super fund for the mining sector announced the appointment of Vasyl Nair to the role of Group CEO.
News | Date Posted: 23 November 2021
Super stapling introduced 1 November 2021
You may have heard about ‘stapling’ super, but do you know what it means and how it impacts you?
News | Date Posted: 22 July 2021
Mine Super proving to be a top performer
Our diversified options have seen strong returns over the last 12 months, with our High Growth investment option achieving a 26.20% return, and our Growth option delivering a 22.61% return.
News | Date Posted: 29 June 2021
No changes to pension drawdown rates
Last month the Government announced an extension of the temporary reduction in the minimum drawdown rates for a further year.
News | Date Posted: 7 June 2021
Changes to rates and caps from 1 July 2021
On 1 July 2021, some rates and caps will increase for super contributions. Read on to find out more.
News | Date Posted: 13 May 2021
2021-22 Federal Budget update
The Federal Government announced its 2021-22 budget. With several announcements relating to super, we explain what these changes mean for you and your retirement savings.
News | Date Posted: 29 March 2021
Our enhanced investment offer
We recently made some enhancements to our Lifecycle Investment Strategy. Read on for more information on what this means for members.
News | Date Posted: 23 March 2021
Mine Super Group CEO role changes
Today, industry superannuation fund Mine Super announces CEO departure after five years at the helm.