Why wellbeing?

The world is turning faster than ever

Life’s sped up and it seems that with every day everything evolves a bit more.

Change is the new constant. Life seems more complex. Uncertainty and opportunity abound in equal measure.

People want to get more from their lives and to do more with their lives. They are rethinking what it means to get ahead and live better. It’s a balancing act between today and tomorrow.

For over 70 years, we’ve been a trusted partner for members, their families and the communities we work in.


We’re looking forward

Financial services has often focused on just your wealth. But we’re moving beyond old definitions of wealth to be about more than just money.

The ‘new wealth’ is not just about account balance. It’s about life balance as well. It’s a holistic approach to life and feeling fulfilled.


It’s about wealth and wellbeing, not one at the expense of the other

It’s about balancing ‘getting ahead’ with ‘getting a life’.

Making the shift from merely going through life, to growing through life. And finding the right people to help on the journey.


We’re like you ‐ we’re different

We’re ordinary people doing extraordinary things for people like you.

We look at wealth the way you do. We look at life the way you do.


We know our stuff

And we use what we know to help build your dreams, help build the momentum and help you make smart decision on top of smart decision.

We listen to where you want to be, and we help you get there. Because what matters to you matters to us - your goals, your time and your money.

We help you build your dreams, maximise your time and really mine your potential.


It’s your life… we help you make the most of it.