Take us to a new job

You can stay with Mine Wealth + Wellbeing when you get a new job. 

  • Step

    Check Mine Wealth + Wellbeing Super is the best fund for you

    Compare us with other funds


    get free advice over the phone about the best fund for you - call 13 MINE (13 64 63)

  • Step

    Choose Mine Wealth + Wellbeing Super as your super fund

    Give your employer a completed Choice of Superannuation Fund form.

    Choice of Superannuation Fund form

  • Step

    Ask your employer to add money to your new super account

    If your employer hasn't already, they need to join as a Mine Wealth + Wellbeing employer to contribute to Mine Wealth + Wellbeing Super.

    Join as a new Mine Wealth + Wellbeing employer

New job, same super fund

Changing jobs doesn't always mean you have to change your super fund. In most cases you can tell your new employer where you'd like your super paid.

Taking us with you means

  • you won't pay multiple fees for multiple super accounts you don't need
  • your super will be in one, easy to manage, value for money super account.

To stay with Mine Wealth + Wellbeing, give your new employer your completed Choose your super fund form.

If they haven't already, your employer will need to join as a new Mine Wealth + Wellbeing employer before paying contributions to Mine Wealth + Wellbeing.