Defined benefit - WA Coal Division

The Western Australian (WA) Coal Division of Mine Wealth + Wellbeing is generally for coalminers in WA who are employed by Premier Coal, Carna Coal and the Griffin Coal Mining Company.

What information is relevant for me?

This section of the website deals specifically with defined benefit accounts, while the general information on the website is relevant for accumulation accounts. Defined benefit accounts have different rules. For instance, they don't allow for extra contributions or let you choose different investment options.

You may have an accumulation account if you:

  • have temporary or casual work in the Western Australian coal mining industry
  • your employer makes additional contributions to your super
  • transfer other super to Mine Wealth + Wellbeing
  • apply for Voluntary Insurance Cover or Income Protection insurance.

If you have any questions about how your account works read the Product Disclosure Statement, including the Insurance Guide, or call us on 13 MINE (13 64 63).