Combine your super

If you've had more than one job, chances are you have more than one super fund. This can make your money hard to manage and more costly, with multiple fees for multiple accounts.

Benefits of combining your super

While there are several ways to boost your super, one of the easiest is to close your multiple super accounts and keep your super in one value for money fund, such as Mine Wealth + Wellbeing Super.

By not paying multiple fees to different funds, you’ll have more money to invest for your retirement. Having fewer funds also makes managing your super easier.

  • Save time.
  • Receive less paperwork.
  • Reduce your chances of losing track of your super.

Find out more in our fact sheet.

Example: While it may not seem like much, fees add up

Peter has three super funds. If Peter:

  • leaves his super split between his three funds, he’ll retire with $540,234 in super
  • moves his money into just one fund, when he retires he’ll have $553,888 in super.

That’s an extra $13,654 in super by age 65!

Assumptions: Peter is aged 35 years, earns $95,000 pa and has $20,000 in each super fund. All three funds charge exactly the same fees and have similar returns. Peter plans to retire at age 65. Source: MoneySmart Superannuation Calculator,

1SuperRatings Benchmark Report 2015 page14.
2 The 10 year average difference in net benefit takes into account historical earnings and fees of the main balanced options of 15 industry super funds and all retail funds tracked by SuperRatings. Assumes starting balance of $100,000 and initial salary of $110,000. Outcomes may vary between individual funds. Visit for more details about modelling calculations and assumptions.