Our investment capability

Mine Wealth + Wellbeing has a highly experienced in house investment team of 10, who currently manage over $10 billion on behalf of members. The team has a blend of academic and investment industry experience covering research, portfolio management, retirement outcomes and risk management.

Our investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy is built on three principles:

  1. Active returns add real value – these are extra returns generated through investment manager skill.
  2. The power of diversification.
  3. Having a long term focus.

To be successful at what we do, we take the following into consideration when making our investment decisions:

  • We consider all investment styles, approaches and opportunities.
  • Quantitative analysis is important – we use mathematical techniques to help us make investment decisions.
  • Qualitative, experience-based analysis is essential – we assess the potential of an investment using characteristics such as management, people and processes.
  • A blend of quantitative and qualitative techniques is crucial to investment success.
  • We look to be as efficient as possible with tax, risk and operating expenses, while still seeking to capture active returns for our members.

Why invest with us?

We believe the structure of the Investments team and our investment philosophy sets us up to deliver exceptional retirement outcomes for members.

We also have access to external research houses and consultants to source ideas and expertise for managing your money.

We’re not managing yesterday’s problems. We’re aware of the challenges ahead and have structured our team, focus and research efforts to match.

As a medium sized fund, we have the flexibility to move quickly to adjust our portfolio and take advantage of investment opportunities. Big teams sometimes exist when funds have big assets, but this can become like sailing a large ship; difficult to be flexible, dynamic and creative.

We’re here to deliver exceptional retirement outcomes for our members

As we face up to the challenge of delivering sustainable retirement outcomes we recognise it’s no longer enough to have access to great investment managers and deliver excellent investment returns. We need to develop products and solutions which will contribute to the best retirement outcomes possible.

This is a complex problem. 

There are two big risks to consider when planning for retirement outcomes: 

  • Investment risk, which is the risk that your super doesn’t earn an adequate return.
  • Mortality risk, which is the risk of your super running out before you die.

Super funds generally have a strong focus on investment risk yet we see little focus on mortality risk. We see both as equally important. It’s crucial that products are designed to ensure members don’t outlive their savings.

For example a male retiring today at 65 has a life expectancy of around 20 years ie. they're expected to live to around 85. But there’s a 26% chance that they’ll live to 90, a 9% chance they’ll reach 95 and a 2% chance they’ll reach 100.

How are we addressing this challenge?

Our focus has always been on our members’ retirement outcomes. An early example of this was the creation of our Lifecycle Strategy where a person’s super is moved to less risky investment options as they get older.

We’ve also taken steps to expand our Investment team to offer our members a wider range of experience and expertise. This includes the appointment of a Chief Investment Officer, David Bell, and the creation of specialist teams focussing on retirement outcomes, asset allocation, investment research and operational efficiency.

Within the industry we’re recognised as leaders in retirement outcome modelling and solutions. We have led industry projects on key issues, conducted joint projects with leading academic researchers, and been an active industry contributor via regulatory submissions. 

David Bell, our Chief Investment Officer

David is an experienced leader with a focus on investment management and retirement outcomes. With over 20 years’ experience in investments, portfolio management, retirement outcomes, consulting and risk management he has managed both investment portfolios and investment teams.

David holds a Bachelor of Mathematics (Applied Mathematics and Statistics) from the University of Newcastle and a Master of Applied Finance from Macquarie University. He’s currently a PhD candidate at the University of New South Wales, his thesis work having application to improving the design of super funds.

David is responsible for:

  • the investment portfolio
  • enhancing the skills and capability of the investment team 
  • product development.