When can you make a claim?

Claiming on your Total and Permanent Disablement insurance

If you've been injured or have an illness that's stopped you working, you may be eligible to make a Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) claim. You can make a TPD claim even if you've received workers compensation or income protection payments.

For more information read the Product Disclosure Statement.

Claiming on your Death and Terminal Illness insurance

To receive a payment under the ‘terminal illness’ component of this insurance, two doctors must certify you have less than 24 months to live.

Our fact sheet, What happens to super when a person dies?, explains who is eligible to claim your death insurance proceeds and how to apply. 

Claiming on your Income Protection insurance

To make a claim a doctor needs to certify that you're unable to work in your usual occupation at your usual hours. If you’re unable to perform a substantial part of your usual occupation, you may be assessed to receive a partial benefit. However, you'll always need to be totally disabled for a certain time period first.

You’ll need to see your doctor regularly (at your expense) during the benefit payment period to prove you’re still unable to work. The payments stop when you can return to work or your benefit payment period ends.

Our members say

After a 30 year career in mining, Peter Ryan was able to claim on his insurance with Mine Wealth + Wellbeing Super after being told he could no longer work because of ongoing medical problems. Peter Ryan - Formerly with BMA Goonyella Riverside