What if I don't make a choice

If you have better things to do than worry about your investments, you can remain confident Mine Wealth + Wellbeing is looking after your money.

If you don’t make an investment choice, we’ll invest your money in our default Capital Guarded investment option.

About Capital Guarded

Our unique Capital Guarded investment option is designed to meet the needs of people in retirement in three ways.

Invests in growth assets, such as shares and property

It’s important your pension earns a reasonable long-term return above inflation so you don’t run out of money too quickly.

Employs strategies to reduce the risk of large losses

As you’re unlikely to be working, you can’t top up your pension if you experience large market losses. Along with a diversified mix of investments, this option invests a significant amount in income producing assets, where risk of capital loss is lower than investing in the share market.

This option also uses strategies expected to generate positive returns when share markets and other asset classes perform poorly. Overall, this strategy aims to deliver lower volatility, less ups and downs, than share markets.

Uses strategies to take advantage of the different tax rules that apply to pensions

Pension investment earnings aren’t taxed, so we don’t need to consider the tax implications of investing your pension and can:

  • buy and sell assets in a more timely manner
  • use strategies that take full advantage of the company franking credits available to share market investors.
Find out more in the Capital Guarded fact sheet