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4 December 2017 

Over the past week Australian shares were up 0.1%, with small company shares up 0.8%. Shares in developed countries also rose, up 0.5%, with the US market up 1.5%. Shares in emerging markets, however, lost 3.3%. The Australian dollar fell 0.1% to 76.13 US cents. The Australian 10 year bond yield increased to 2.53% while the US 10 year bond yield rose to 2.36%. The oil price fell 1% to 58.36 US dollars per barrel.

Christmas is fast approaching. There’s much to be done; Christmas trees to decorate, lights to hang atop precarious ladders, presents to purchase and pudding mixtures to assemble. 

Pudding recipes are often carefully-guarded and complex. Sugar, flour, eggs, butter, raisins, currants, mixed peel, nutmeg, cinnamon and whisky, for example, all have a role to play in forming the perfect pudding – and so does the silver penny. Proportions are one important factor in a good pudding but the quality of the ingredients is also important. The right peel and the right whisky can make a big difference.

Our diversified investment options have been built with great care too, each with their own careful mix of quality ‘ingredients’ or investments. But while pudding recipes are matters of tradition; the performance of your investments is all about the future. We’re always improving our portfolio recipe with our eyes on the horizon and we’re always searching for the best ingredients.

Of course, our diversified options and your great aunt’s puddings have something more tangible in common. They both hold a small amount of cash. And like her pudding, our diversified options are without bitcoin, which I’m sure she’d approve.

Signing off

Sean Anthonisz | Senior Quantitative Analyst – Asset Allocation

Past performance isn't necessarily an indicator of future performance. All data sourced from Bloomberg.