New starters and terminations

It’s important to tell us quickly of any new starters and terminations.

Tell us quickly of new starters

Members’ automatic basic insurance cover doesn’t start until you send us a contribution and late payments can result in refusal of basic insurance cover. Read more about paying and recording super contributions.

Provide your employee's correct date of birth 

Mine Wealth + Wellbeing Super accounts contain insurance products and investment options. By providing your employee’s correct date of birth, you ensure earnings, insurance benefits and charges from these products are correct.

Provide your employee's salary

We use your employees' salary to work out how much Income Protection insurance they need and how much it will cost. To ensure your employees are adequately insured and are paying the correct premium, make sure you tell us their most recent salary. The salary you give us mustn't include the super contributions you pay for your employees but needs to include salary sacrifice contributions.

The salary you provide should be what your employee earns before tax is taken out (gross salary). It should include incentive based payments and bonuses, overtime, shift loadings and allowances and any salary package amount they could otherwise take as cash. 

Pass on your employee’s Tax File Number (TFN)

If your employee provides you with their TFN you must pass it on to us with the next super contribution or within 14 days, whichever is the later. If you don’t pass on your employee’s TFN:

  • they may pay an extra 34% tax on their before-tax contributions
  • we can’t accept their after-tax contributions, so they may miss out on government co-contributions if they’re eligible
  • you, the employer, may face fines from the ATO.

Promptly advise us of any terminations and the reason for the termination

This can affect the charges applied to the member’s account.