Request a refund or adjustment

You can request a refund or adjustment if you’ve paid the wrong amount, misclassified a payment or paid a contribution to the wrong employee. 

Fill in

Complete all mandatory fields. You’ll need to declare that the payment was made in error and have your employee consent to the adjustment on their account. 


Send us your completed form by:

  • post: Mine Super Locked Bag 2020 Newcastle NSW 2300;
  • fax: 02 4962 3469; or
  • email:


We’ll action your refund or adjustment within five working days of receiving your request. 

Keep in mind

If you request a refund, we’ll calculate the payment using the unit price on the date of the refund, not the date you originally made the payment. This means that if the unit price has fallen over this period, your refund will be less than you originally paid. If the unit price has risen, legislation says we’re unable to refund more than your original payment amount.