What clients say

Pam and Robert turn to Mine Wealth + Wellbeing Financial Advice for reassurance

Pam and Robert Greenwood

Robert Greenwood has been a Mine Wealth + Wellbeing Super member since he started working as a fitter at Bulga coal mine in Singleton, New South Wales, in 1981 and his wife, Pam, joined ten years ago as a spouse member.

A few years ago Robert and Pam wanted to discuss where their finances were heading with someone, and made an appointment with Mine Wealth + Wellbeing Financial Advice.

‘The service provided by [Mine Wealth + Wellbeing Financial Advice] is absolutely wonderful. The advisers have integrity and great experience. They know your first name and you can actually relate to them. They’re human. We’ve gone to other advisers and they act like super men. There are a lot of high flyers, but with [Mine Wealth + Wellbeing Financial Advice], it’s a genuine concern for their customers.’

Robert and Pam find [Mine Wealth + Wellbeing Financial Advice] useful for reassurance during times of difficult financial markets.

‘Because of the recent stock market crash you just need reassurance. We are quite confident with what we’re doing, but it’s when bad times come that you want to speak to somebody and get reassurance,’ Robert and Pam said.

‘[Mine Wealth + Wellbeing Financial Advice's] advice has been very solid. The advisers are very supportive in bad times. They advise us not to panic and calm us down. They say to ride the bad times out because if you draw your money out you won’t get your losses back when the market recovers.’

Pam and Robert think it’s important for people to get professional financial advice, as these days everyone has to be aware of financial matters.

‘In our times super and shares weren’t really discussed. These days you always see the stock market on the TV and a lot of people have the internet. Our friends have self managed super funds. More or less, people today keep an eye on the stock market even if they’re not financial experts.

George lives his pre-retirement dreams, thanks to Mine Wealth + Wellbeing Financial Advice

George Milford

George Milford is aged 57 and works for Gujarat NRE in Russell Vale, New South Wales, as an underground mine worker for the fire officer. George is always on the lookout for ways to make extra money, especially to fulfill his dream of travelling.

‘I said to my wife that I’d like to do a bit of travelling now, rather than wait until I retire’, George said.

George said a good source of financial tips is the Mine Wealth + Wellbeing member newsletter. Upon reading his copy, George came across information about the pre-retirement pension. He thought it seemed like a great way to save money for his travel plans.

‘After reading about the pre-retirement pension I went to see an adviser at [Mine Wealth + Wellbeing Financial Advice] and he said, “yep, that can be done,” so I said, “beauty!”. When I was setting up my pre-retirement pension everything was explained fully and I didn’t have to do anything. My adviser did it all for me,’ George explained.

‘My wife and I are going to Hawaii in six weeks and I already have my next holiday organised. We’re going to Darwin when the V8’s are on in June and then to Bali for a week and a half.’