Trustee Company Constitution

Mine Wealth and Wellbeing Superannuation Fund's Trust Deed

The Trust Deed is the Fund's rule book. It’s a legal document setting out how it's to be administered and takes precedence over anything contained in the Product Disclosure Statement, the website and other publications.

The Trustee is responsible for making sure the Fund is managed in accordance with the Trust Deed and for the protection of member's entitlements.

The Trust Deed includes the Fund's general governing rules and Trustee powers and contains schedules that outline the rules relating to fees and specific membership categories. The schedules are:

  • Schedule A – Accumulation Category (Employer) Rules. Includes rules relating to employer-sponsored members, their employers and specific rules applying to Queensland and New South Wales mineworkers.
  • Schedule B – Accumulation Category (Personal) Rules. Anyone who isn't an employer-sponsored member (or a pensioner) is a personal member. This schedule outlines the rules relating to these personal and spouse members. 
  • Schedule C – Defined Benefit Category Rules. Includes rules relating to the old New South Wales statutory benefits scheme. Membership to this scheme closed in 1993.
  • Schedule D – Pension Category Rules. Outlines the rules relating to the standard Mine Wealth + Wellbeing Pension and the Queensland statutory pensions (payable to coal mineworkers).
  • Schedule E – Fees. Specifies the types of fees and costs able to be charged by the Trustee.
  • Schedule F – Schedule F incorporates relevant parts of the WA Coal Industry Superannuation Regulations into the Fund's Trust Deed.
  • Schedule G – Mines Rescue Stations Staff Category Rules. This outlines the rules for the Mines Rescue Stations Staff Category (which is closed to new members). The Trust Deed for existing members of the Mines Rescue Stations Staff Category members can be found here.
  • The Constitution

    The AUSCOAL Superannuation Pty Ltd Constitution sets out the rights, powers, duties and rules governing the company, the board, each director and each shareholder.  

    View a copy of the current company Constitution.