Preparing for your interview

In addition to the required skills, we seek to employ candidates who have a positive behavioural and cultural alignment with Mine Wealth + Wellbeing's values, mission and vision.

Interview structure

Our interview process aims to provide opportunities to discuss the following topics:

  • organisational fit and qualities
  • individual fit and qualities – personal attributes and attitudes
  • demonstrated behaviours in past positions relevant for the role
  • future aspirations and interest in the company and role
  • technical skills
  • interviewee questions - these can provide insight with respect to fit and level of interest
  • next steps.

Mine Wealth + Wellbeing's culture

Mine Wealth + Wellbeing's mission, vision, values and culture are discussed as a mandatory category of the interview process. An emphasis is placed on the candidate's cultural aspects. Core considerations include:

  • cultural alignment- individual and organisational fit
  • behavioural tendencies
  • aptitude and interest in development
  • current technical competencies and previous experience.

Candidates must be assessed as having a positive cultural alignment to progress in the recruitment process, including further interviews, background checks and references.